I’m Lucy.

I am a dance artist based in Montreal. I also write about dance.

Artistic Approach

The root of my dance practice is in observing, listening, and engaging with senses and surroundings. My choreographic process resembles a field study of sorts, with copious conversations, images, and field notes. Especially in the early stages of a project, I look for vivid physical textures, unusual relationships, enveloping sounds, and memories that provoke movement and sensation.

Materials, objects and organisms, as much as people, carry compelling movements and often share a physical language. There is an intimacy and poetry in the ways we relate to our surroundings. In their precision and accumulation, these connections form intricate and ambiguous social landscapes. My role as a dance maker is to invite others to belong in these ephemeral spaces.


I grew up between Boston, USA and Nice, France and studied contemporary dance and sociology at Concordia University. My work has been presented in Montréal’s Nuit Blanche, the Festival International du Film Ethnographique de Québec and Festival Vue sur la Relève,  and at ZH Festival and the Camden People’s Theatre in London, England with the interdisciplinary collective Daughter Product. I’ve danced at Festival Quartier Danse with the collective As They Strike. I am also project consultant for Mouvement Perpétuel (co-directors Marlene Millar and Philip Szporer), and co-organiser of the Montreal creation laboratory Nous Sommes L’Été.

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