Photo: Denis Martin

Quelque part dans l’inachevé

21 minutes

Video, 2021

Sarah Wendt and Pascal Dufaux’s Quelque part dans l’inachevé is an installation pollinated by performance, and turned into an art film in collaboration with videographer Nina Vroemen. The sculptures and sounds are imaginative and intensely sensory: at microscopic and tectonic, this landscape reveals the “creative potential of an unfinished thing.” In this work, I found myself navigating a universe that was constantly liquifying and crystallizing physical references, as if passing through honeyed time.

Lucy curved forward and entangled in a snake-like fabric sculpture against a pale green background.
Photo: Denis Martin


A production of Tangente Danse 2021
Artistic direction, music, performance, sculptures, choreography, costumes, editing, colourisation: Sarah Wendt and Pascal Dufaux
Performance and creative collaboration: Lucy Fandel
Video and collaboration in editing: Nina Vroemen
Performances and outdoor filming in The Tablelands, Gros Morne National Park, in Newfoundland: Sarah Wendt and Pascal Dufaux
Other performances: Dominique Pétrin and Bartleby the cat
Lighting design: Sophie Robert
Sound collaboration, sound mixing: moon moon
Light robot programming: Patrice Coulombe