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The Sway of Stone – Screening // Diffusion – Le penchant des pierres

Since early September, Nickle Peace-Williams and I have been working outside nearly everyday to create a choreography and sculptural installation in a vacant lot near the Saint Lawrence, at La friche au pied du courant. The public health situation led us to pivot from a series of small-group live performances, to reconsider the project in this filmed iteration of the performance .

October 24 & 25, 2020. Available all day.


Much like our collaboration with photographer Nanne Springer who photographed us working on site early on in our residency, considering the specificity of the frame as we prepared to film the performance revealed qualities that helped us connect to the complexity of both the space and our movement within it.

Sharing a work live and on site is irreplaceable for the sensorial detail and spontaneity it invites. I miss it. Yet, taking this sudden turn as we did towards video brought out compelling questions in the choreography and our roles as a performer within it. Not to mention the steep learning curve of organizing a small film shoot!

film, dance, choreography, outside, in situ, contemporary dancers

The process confronted us with what it means to leave a trace. What remains of our physical presence in a place visited day after day for six weeks, and what might we may carry and share of such an experience?

You’ll find details about the project, screening and artist discussions on the project page for The Sway of Stone. We look forward to sharing the work with you, and hope you will join us for one of the discussions!

Choreography and performance by Lucy Fandel and Nickle Peace-Williams.

With scenographer Darah Miah, sound designer Kasey Pocius, videographer Nina Vroemen, artistic advisor Sara Hanley, and dramaturg Leyla Sutherland.

This project was possible thanks to the support of the Canada Council for Arts. Two previous residencies laid the foundations for us, with the Ross Creek Centre for the Arts in Mi’kma’ki/Nova Scotia in 2017, and the Concordia University Department of Contemporary Dance in 2018.

Head photo: Jules Bédard

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