Consequence(s) is a work by choreographer and dancer Chloe Hart that has developed and transformed over the past two years, and which I joined in the spring of 2019.  An exploration of archive, trace, and memory in performance, the piece is danced amongst hundreds of loose sheets of paper.

In Chloe’s words: ” If performance is ‘disappearing’, as Peggy Phelan said, I have questions. What about the sweat left on the stage? What about the imprints of my hand on her skin? What about embodied knowledge, and all the things I thought I took with me when I left the theatre? Do all of these disappear?

Choreographer : Chloe Hart
Dancers: Cara Roy, Camille Trudel-Vigeant, Lucy Fandel
Costumes: Aly Kotchetkov
Theatre Coach: Kennedy Huffman-Baillargeon
Music: Hugo Levasseur Déziel
Previous cast and collaborators: Gina Grant, Justine Chevalier-Martineau

Presented at Dance Matters – Series 1: A Woman’s Work, November 9 and 10, 2019 at The Citadel: Ross Centre for Dance in Toronto

A Woman’s Work explores topics related to women’s rights and roles in society, women’s individual stories related to their heritage, culture or experiences and issues related to gender.

Read Chloe’s Dance Matters artist blog post about the work.

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