An interactive encounter by Teoma Naccarato and John MacCallum, with dancers and musicians performing behind the seated audience; we see the dance by way of mirrors, as if editing a live film from our own perspective. In front of us, sit three breathers. The movements and wandering rhythms are responsive in both the dancers and in the live instrumentation to the heartbeat of the dancers. There is darkness and stillness; there is breath; there is physical exertion and exhaustion.

Robert Zbikowski III all three

Performed at Tangente Danse, April 27-30, 2017, Montréal QC

Choreographer: Teoma Naccarato
Composer & Hardware/Software Design: John MacCallum
Dancers: Laura Boudou, Kim L. Rouchdy, Manuel Shink
Musicians: Anne Bucchi, Percussion; Ryan Kelly, Percussion; Elizabeth Lima, Clarinet
Breathers: Lucy Fandel, Abe Mijnheer, Bailey Eng
Lighting: Benoit Larivière
Documentation: Robert Zbikowski

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