Docile Bodies remounted at Fringe


Docile Bodies (2017) was first presented at La Chapelle Scènes Contemporaines May 2017. The work, with the choreography and text performed by Laura Beaudouin, was remounted for Festival St-Ambroise Montreal Fringe June 2017.

“Breathtaking compositions in Docile Bodies… The image was truly completed with the other performers on the sides moving their bodies with an effervescent and weightless quality while reciting lines back to the dancer. The composition gave me a big stupid smile as I thought: ‘This is SO cool.'”  – Rahul Gandhi, Montreal Theatre Hub

“…well worth the discomfort” – Rachel Levine, Montreal Rampage



Co-directors: Natalie Liconti, Lisa Saban. Stage Manager: Michelle Soicher. Choreographer: Lucy Fandel. Set and Costume: Holly Hilts. Performers and Writers: Lucy Fandel, Sarah Foulkes, Béata Groves, Natalie Liconti, Emilie Slotine, Emily Sirota. Sound design: Joe Browne. Lights: Darah Miah

Docile Bodies is a devised theatre work and by the collective Daughter Product [formerly WIG IN A BOX], an interpretation of Michel Foucault’s text Discipline and Punish. It ties together the stories of six military characters by their often contradictory, confrontational, and even affectionate relationships to discipline.

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