Lueur dans la nuit – 2018

A flicker in the night, a meditative dance installation.



Choreographer: Lucy Fandel. Co-creators: Liliana Argumedo, Tamar Tabori, Xdzunúm Trejo. Photos by mkmi photo

Lueur dans la nuit is a 20 minute-long meditative dance installation in which four women invite the public out of the night and into a shared ritual of light and warmth.  Throughout the piece, small candles and lights are gradually dispersed as the dancers occupy the space. Their movements are gentle, responsive to one another, and occasionally percussive, mirroring the striking and crackling of matches and flames. Dots of light pepper the space as the small candles are handed to the public to hold. The sound created by the dancers as they walk, turn, strike matches and whisper together emphasizes the rich imagery and sound of the accompanying video installation, 1001 Lights by filmmakers Philip Szporer and Marlene Millar.

Lueur dans la nuit was performed in the round, four times over the course of Montreal’s Nuit Blanche 2018 at the Museum of Jewish Montreal. The piece was created with the support of the Museum of Jewish Montréal and Montréal en Lumière.



Audience interact collage

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